Melissa Slachetka

Guest on our inaugural podcast, Melissa is a journalist in Minneapolis neighborhood publications, a tea expert, a photographer and poet. Here are several of her creative offerings:


Night Bridge

Quiet winter air
Ground cracks when you walk
Moon shines bright and old
A paradise of diamonds
Too dangerous to keep
Winter makes lines out of everything
The buildings, the branches
The tracks of cars on the street
Spring makes these lines sloppy
So summer can curve them
Into legs from sundresses, frisbees
Frosty winter takes things straight
Like a shot of whiskey
Burning like icy sleet and red cheeks
It leaves the mind empty with desolate streets

Clouds and paper lanterns shroud streets
Littered with hands
To brush and lips poised
With a questioning kiss
Moving through liquid
Moving through lust
As heavy as a vault of steam
Sweet and heavy scents
Create patterns in doorways and porches
The starry night whispers down necks
Catches skirts on ankles
As strong as a man's breath.

photographs and poems copyright 2007 Melissa Slatchetka